Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yep, the Sky is Falling

My favorite little nutcases over at WorldNetDaily have posted an article involving a questionnaire given to 19 candidates for open positions in the Idaho Supreme Court. The organization responsible for the questionnaire, the Idaho Values Alliance, presented some of the following questions...

"Question 1 asked whether the candidates would agree with the statement:
"The Founders of the state of Idaho were grateful to God for our freedom."
Question 4 asked the candidates to agree or disagree with the statement:
"All political power is inherent in the people, not the courts."

Not one of the candidates responded to the questionnaire, which has the Idaho organization up in arms. Frankly, from what I see...the questions are so loaded that no candidate in any race could possibly come up with an answer that wouldn't offend someone. As for WND's assertion that the candidates are refusing to endorse the Constitution...Grow up and stop twisting the truth!

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