Thursday, May 24, 2007

Matt Barber's On a Roll...

Unfortunately, the majority of this article is only available by downloading the actual radio broadcast, but the brief write-up given on the Concerned Women of America's site is enough to infuriate me. Two Crystal Lake, IL teens are in hot water and subject to hate crime charges because of some fliers they circulated at their school. Well, I'll let Matt speak since it's short, lol...

"While lawmakers are repeatedly told that adding homosexuals to federal
hate crimes law would not be used to silence speech, but would only be employed
when acts of violence occur. However, two teens in Crystal Lake, Illinois have
learned differently, when they were charged with felony hate crimes for
distributing a flier attacking a fellow student. While the flier, its intent,
and its wording are deplorable and deserving of disciplinary action, Matt
Barber, CWA’s Policy
Director for Cultural Issues, says making this act a felony signals how
homosexual activists intend for such laws to be used."

Did you catch what he admitted? He admits that the flier, including the wording on it, and its intent was, "deplorable." Matt, you're trying to create yet another fictitious, agenda-based assumption about the homosexual community, and we're not falling for it! Had the fliers been directed at someone of a minority ethnic group, you wouldn't be blathering away about how the homosexuals are trying to misuse legitimate and necessary legislation...and you know it. Try to sleep well tonight, Mr. Barber...although I don't know how you possibly can.

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