Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Concerned "Man" Baffled by Negative Feelings Toward Falwell

Matt Barber, who has a new title mentioned at the end of the article...

"Matt Barber is one of the
“like-minded men” with Concerned Women for
. He is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law and serves as CWA's policy director
for cultural issues."

I only bring it up because he was previously known as just the policy director and has always been the public face of the CWA....a fact I've poked fun at on more than one occasion, lol.

Back to Mr. Barber's blathering, though...Like other fundies, he seems completely baffled by the animosity that the left, and homosexuals in general, had for Jerry Falwell. In the title of this article, Barber seems to contend that we are all consumed with hate and self-loathing over our subconscious realization that our lives are inherently sinful. While I wouldn't and haven't made some of the more vicious comments some of my fellow bloggers have made (and that Barber references in this article), I certainly understand where the anger comes from.

Barber, however, seems baffled by it all...

"What causes a heart to become so blackened? Why such hatred for a man who
spent his entire life in service to both the Lord he loved and to his fellow
man? True, he was unapologetically blunt in his defense of objective
truth and unwavering in his opposition to sin, but Rev. Falwell showed – in word
and deed – that he truly cared for those who hated him. He exposed them to the
compassion and love of Christ, who freely offers salvation from the spiritual
and physical death which is a natural consequence of immoral

Or is Mr. Barber really all that confused? In questioning the angry sentiments expressed by those who have felt nothing but rejection and condemnation from Falwell, Matt seems to answer his own question when he refers to the, "objective truth," with which homosexuals were constantly bombarded and beaten. He goes even further in answering that question with his next paragraph...

"It’s not Rev. Falwell they hate so much as the truth he delivered. And as
much as they hate that truth, they hate the Author of that truth. Scripture
tells us that God’s natural law – His objective truth – is written on the heart
of every man, woman and child. Our innate understanding of that absolute truth –
whether we acknowledge it or not – coupled with our accountability to a
sovereign but loving Creator, becomes like a virus to those who deny it. That
denial of reality in turn manifests itself in a visceral hatred of those other
equally broken and fallen souls who, by contrast, do acknowledge His

And this is where Mr. Barber diverts from the actual truth and spouts the same bigoted dialogue we heard from Rev. Falwell. What we truly hated was the fact that a man who called himself a servant of God...a God he would fully admit is a loving God...not only repeatedly preached of our eternal condemnation for our God-given sexual orientation, but encouraged others to do so as well. His organization, the Moral Majority, was and is well known for its unwavering fights against any legislation which would recognize and protect the rights of homosexuals or allow for any marriage or domestic partnership provisions. Churches that decided to accept and welcome homosexuals who identified as Christians were demeaned and ostracized by Falwell and his organization as well.

Plain and simple, Mr. Barber, we are angry with not only Falwell, but all the homobigots (yourself included) who insist on the daily discrimination, the condemnation and rebuke of what is our biological identity. Before you bloviate about our ire, ask yourself the question...would you advocate the same speech and treatment of a person of a different ethnic background, gender or socioeconomic status as yours? Then reflect on all you've said about homosexuals and decide if your words really are that "objective truth" you love to invoke, or purely hate filled speech.

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