Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Faith 2 Action Goes Too Far and Shows Their Ignorance

This story has angered me, not so much because it's yet another feeble minded attempt at quashing the hate crimes legislation, but because it's just gone too far. Janet Folger of the organization Faith 2 Action, has been vocal in her fight against the hate crimes bill, but something new and disturbing has popped up on her site. Following the flawed notion that a grandmother, pregnant woman or other non-homosexual would receive inadequate justice for any crime committed against them, Folger has designed a 'coupon' for criminals.

Excuse me while I take a deep breath here, lol.

The coupon indicates that upon redemption, any criminal can receive a reduced sentence for committing an act of violence against the sort of groups I mentioned above. Not only do I find this campaign morally (yes, I used the word morally) offensive, I am also angered that such an organization would give their tacit approval of such violent acts. Furthermore...and I can't seem to reiterate this enough...the legislation does nothing more than the previous laws protecting racial and ethnic groups from hate motivated crimes. I can't understand why it's suddenly inappropriate for homosexual, transgendered and disabled individuals to receive the same protection.

The answer that is most commonly given is that this legislation would affect the speech and/or teachings of religious leaders. That argument has one glaring fallacy, though. When the original hate crime legislation was passed in the '60s, groups such as the KKK had roots firmly embedded in the church. Check your history...look up won't find any occurrence of a pastor or other religious leader being fined or jailed because of their lawful (albeit despicable) hateful speech.

So, what is the conclusion to be drawn here? These organizations are far less concerned with having their right to free speech and expression curtailed, and much more concerned with granting the GLBT community any concessions. Bottom line...they're bigots. Take a moment and write to these organizations. Let them know that you're on to their game.

*Faith 2 Action: CONTACT@F2A.ORG
*Concerned Women for America: You have to fill out a form after following this link.
*Traditional Values Coalition:
*American Family Association: Another form to fill out at this link.
*Family Research Council: Ugh...another form and link.
*Americans for Truth: Yep, you guessed it...another form and link, the cowards!
*Focus on the Family: I'm not even going to say's the link.

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