Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Concerned Women Are Concerned About Television

Again, I have to shake my head at this one. Concerned Women of America are all upset about what they deem to be unsuitable programming on TV. They believe that family friendly programming is dying, and blame the FCC and the various politics surrounding the issues of programming and ratings...not to mention the advertising dollars that inevitably flow based on the FCC's choices. That said, I've a couple of points to make.

First, parents have the responsibility to monitor what their children are watching...period. As the saying goes, the buck stops with them. Too many parents are using television programs containing adult themes and language as convenient babysitters. To those parents I say, do your job and stop blaming others for what your children are watching!

Second, CWA seems to be walking a fine line on the issue of censorship. I firmly believe that NOTHING should be censored because, one day, someone will decide something you say, read, watch or otherwise enjoy is offensive and needs to be monitored or censored altogether.

Simply put, if you are uncomfortable with the content of a particular program...don't allow your children to watch it. Be a parent, and make the "no brainer" decision, but don't try to tell me what I should watch or let my children watch.

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