Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ohio Family Advocacy Group Upset Over Governor's Support for Anti-Discrimination Policy

An Ohio group is all up in arms over an executive order that governor Ted Strickland signed last week, adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's non-discrimination policy for employers. How shocking!

It gets better, though. The Citizens for Community Values, hold that since there is no "test" for homosexuality, innocent employers (certainly not bigoted ones, though) will be sued right and left if they refuse to hire a homosexual individual. Phil Burress, a spokesman for the CCV, tried to bolster the organization's contention by adding...

"...his organization has been unable to find one case in his state or
elsewhere in the United States in which discrimination because of sexual gender
or identity in employment-related cases has been proven. For him that makes
Governor Strickland's new executive order very suspect."

First, since when are we testing people for anything other than illicit drug use prior to employing them? I simply have to laugh at that bone of contention, because it's absolutely ridiculous. Second, CCV apparently didn't try very hard to find cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity...and they haven't paid any attention to pending legislation based on that very issue. Here's the proof...

*Lamba Legal initiated the "Clock in For Equality" event back on May 15th to address the very issue of discrimination in the workplace.

*Congress has put together the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because of and to prevent future cases of discrimination in the workplace.

*Soulforce has a listing of cases and actions being taken to prevent this sort of discrimination.

All that aside, the real truth comes out at the end of this article...

"This is really just a stepping stone; this isn't about discrimination,"
Burress offers. "This is about furthering the homosexual agenda -- and the end
result of the agenda, under the stair-step approach to this, is to get people
used to thinking about sexual orientation as a minority class."
pro-family activist claims that is so that some day "they can force their
behavior on all of us."

Right, that ever-elusive agenda of ours is really what's at play here. Once again, the same rights fundies would expect for themselves aren't reasonable or acceptable for homosexuals or transgendered individuals. Once again, the fundies chose to hide behind mindless rhetoric before getting to the real truth. Once again, they've been found out and their actual, hateful agenda is exposed. Nice try CCV, but you haven't fooled anyone!

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