Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AFA Releases List of Gay Friendly Television Sponsors

I love it when these fundies come out with these lists! Not only did the AFA provide a list of the top ten gay friendly sponsors, but they included contact information for each corporation on the list. Thanks to their hard work, including the creation of a formula to calculate the "supportiveness" of these companies, we now know what programs to watch and who to contact at each of the offending corporations to congratulate them on not cowering to right-wing pressure.

In case you're wondering, the programs listed were...

"Ugly Betty" "ER" "Desperate Housewives" "The Simpsons" "The Office"
"Brothers & Sisters" "Grey's Anatomy" "The Class"

On another note, doesn't it make you wonder why these folks spend so much time watching programs which depict positive homosexual models? Well, I suppose, in their's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

**Surf on over to AFA's site and use the information they provided. Contact the corporations and commend them on their stance. The more noise we make, the better!

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