Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Agenda Has Finally Been Explained...But You'll Have to Pay to Read it!

Rev. Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition has announced his new book entitled, The Agenda, The Homosexual Plan to Change America. According to the write-up on TVC's site,

"THE AGENDA describes how homosexual activists plan on recruiting your
children into the lifestyle; how they’re undermining traditional marriage; and
how they will eventually criminalize any public criticism of homosexual conduct.
(It’s already happening in Canada where the gay agenda is well advanced.)"

You know, if this so-called agenda of ours is so nefarious, you'd think Rev. Sheldon would want to make sure every innocent soul had this information for their own protection. I suppose that the almighty dollar wins out even with the most unhinged of the fundies.

**On a slightly related note, Sheldon has a new comic strip (and I use that term very loosely) directed at transgendered bathrooms. It's so ridiculous that it's worth a look. If you have a few minutes and want a good laugh, check out all his comics.

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