Friday, May 18, 2007

LaBarbera Says Falwell Loved 'Gays'

Again, what's with the quotes around the word gay? LaBarbera (hell, I'm just gonna call him Babs, lol) just can't bring himself to use the word without putting it in quotes...sort of like not wanting to touch something contaminated without first donning protective gear. But, again, I digress, lol.

Our dear friend Babs is trying to convince the world that Falwell loved homosexuals, and the "Immoral Majority," as he called it is taking advantage of Falwell's untimely death to, " heap(ed) instantaneous (and horrifyingly wicked) scorn upon this man of God." Why on earth would the homosexual community want to do such a thing, you ask? Take a look at what Babs had to say about Falwell's beliefs and actions...

"What explains the outpouring of homosexual hatred at Falwell’s death?
Well, he was one of the first to speak out when he saw that people
proudly practicing homosexuality were starting to organize, and he led
American Christians in responding to the explosion of this new
sin movement. He knew that the “gay” political and cultural
agenda would harm the nation — as does the proud defense of abortion,
pornography or any sin — and he was right. (If you doubt that he was right, just
read today’s headlines.) Through the Moral Majority, he helped elect one of
America’s greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan, and gave voice to millions of
Americans who simply view the practice of homosexual behavior and its
advocacy as wrong."

Is it just me, or is the animosity toward Falwell not abundantly clear? I will admit that some bloggers may have been too harsh in their statements about Falwell, but I can certainly understand where the animosity comes from. In short, I cannot understand how Babs can claim Falwell showed love toward the homosexual community and, in fact, is making a fool of himself by making that assertion.