Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Executive Order Grants the Presidency Unprecedented Powers...Has the WingNuts All Paranoid

In case you missed it, the Chimperor recently signed an executive order which would grant a great deal of power to the the executive branch in the event of some sort of national emergency or disaster. I'll have to argue the whole executive order in another blog, but I had to mention this article that popped up on WingNutDaily today. It's funny how even the nutcases...I mean the base of Bush's support...are looking at this with suspicion.

The article itself doesn't really point to WND's paranoia, but the headline does...

"THE NEW WORLD DISORDER Emergency detention plan: 'This way to the camps!'
Directive from Bush allows president extraordinary powers in national

Anyone else smell the fear? As I said, I'll expand on this issue at a later date because I don't like the wording or premise behind the executive order either...but I think that this story being promoted by some of the Chimperor's biggest fans is just hilarious!

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