Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update...CWA Chimed in on Mary Cheney After All

I suppose I breathed a sigh of relief too soon Thursday when I saw that CWA hadn't commented on the birth of Mary Cheney's baby. It turns out, they just waited until later in the day to post Matt Barber's response. In his opening paragraph, Mr. Barber shows his unadulterated contempt for this new family while covering his ass by referring to Samuel David as a, "beautiful child of God." The last sentence of this paragraph (still talking about his opening paragraph, mind you) makes my blood boil...

"But the conditions under which Ms. Cheney has chosen to bring this child
into the world are to be condemned."

Did Mary give birth in a manner that was somehow unhealthy? Perhaps she had preconceived plans to move her newborn child into the heart of Baghdad, placing him in mortal danger. No? Well, then, surely she is using funds given to her by the government for the purpose of feeding herself and her newborn to buy drugs or alcohol. What? You mean none of those things are true? So, what could Mr. Barber possibly see as the condemning conditions Ms. Cheney has chosen?

The deeply intellectual answer you're searching for here is...a father. Matt tries to spin his wheels about the, "physical impossibility," for a homosexual couple to conceive...insulting infertile, heterosexual couples along the way, I would imagine, but the basis of this most recent rant is the lack of a father in the active, parenting picture. I would be willing to bet that there are thousands of American children who would tell you that having their abusive fathers around isn't (or wasn't) such a rosy way to grow up, but I fear that might be just one too many facts and would only leave Mr. Barber confused. Clearly, not only is his mind the size of a tiny grain of sand, but he is also just as bigoted as his recently fallen colleague, Rev. Falwell.

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