Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Hate Crimes Madness

First off, I absolutely detest the phrase Ms. Martin, of OneNewsNow, used...

"The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania will hear oral arguments next month
in a lawsuit brought by Repent America in an effort to overturn hate crimes laws
in the state."

What, exactly, is an oral argument? Does someone intend to bite one of their opponents? Again, I digress, lol.

The premise of this article is based on an incident that occurred three years ago when some Christians were arrested for witnessing and/or preaching during an organized homosexual pride event. Those involved were associated with the group, Repent America, a group who believes our nation is in rebellion toward God.

As I read the article, I began to wonder if the author actually sat and read what she wrote, because she completely debunked her argument...

"The case was prompted after 11 Christians were arrested nearly three years
ago as they witnessed in a public area during Outfest, a homosexual pride event
in Philadelphia. Repent
president Michael Marcavage was among those arrested and charged
under Pennsylvania's hate crimes law; however, the charges were later dismissed
by a Common Pleas Court judge as being without merit."

Did you catch that? The charges were dismissed because they were without merit. Why, do you wonder, were the charges deemed meritless? Is it because all speech is protected under the first amendment? Where have I heard this argument before, lol?

It gets better too, when the president of Repent America, Michael Marcavage, basically states that Christians are ignorant when it comes to the issue of hate crime legislation...

"I believe that a lot of churches have not been properly educated on
the dangers of hate crimes legislation," Marcavage observes, "and I think that
there is a fear of getting involved in what they would consider political
matters, but this is a spiritual battle that we are fighting."
It is very
important that Christians pray about what is happening in America, Marcavage
says. And it is likewise important that believers be "educated on what is
happening, and ... take action when necessary," he adds."

In reality, it's the Christian community (the unhinged, far right members, that is) who have twisted and maligned any and all hate crime legislation. Their goal isn't to educate, but to spread hatred. It's just as simple as that.

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