Thursday, May 10, 2007

CWA Caught Twisting the Truth

On the front page of Concerned Women of America's site today is a story about a California football player who was released by his team because of his Christianity.

"Christian wide receiver Troy Vermillion has been released from the roster of the
Colorado Ice, an indoor football team based in the Greeley, Colorado area. The
release came following a disagreement between Vermillion and the coaching staff over pornographic
films shown on the team bus. Vermillion, wishing not to be exposed to the
material, asked to be allowed to travel in other team vehicles, but was denied.
Instead, he was released. Hilda Vermillion, Troy’s wife, shares his story; the story
of a Christian husband and father paying a high price for his efforts to honor
Christ. Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues spoke with
Hilda, who shares Troy’s testimony and how you can support the family in

Taken at face value, even I would have to raise an eyebrow and wonder about the team's motivation on this one. Being the cynic that I am, though, I decided to check the local news source and check out the story. I was amazed at the discrepancies between the accounts. According to the Greely Tribune, the "pornographic film" was, in fact, an unrated version of the movie The Wedding Crashers...Fact twist number one.

CWA also says that Vermillion was released because he objected to the film and wanted to ride in another vehicle if the team staff insisted on showing the film. According to the Tribune, the decision to release Vermillion also had to do with the caliber of new players that had been added to the team.

"The Colorado Ice head coach, who has been involved in indoor football for the
past 10 years on one level or another, said the drama surrounding Vermillion since the
incident and the level of athletes added to the team at the wide receiver
position since the second week of the season were the main factors behind Vermillion's release."Come
and watch the game on Saturday night and tell me if the three receivers on the
field are not the real deal," said Sanders of the three receivers starting in
their game at 7 p.m. Saturday against the Omaha Beef at the Budweiser Events
Center. "Troy was not going to play in front of any of them. I have continued to
get e-mails from numerous people regarding different matters, and it has turned
into something like a T.O. situation."I am not going to deal with the
distraction any longer." It has nothing to do with his beliefs," Sanders said.
"It has nothing to do with the movie we watched on the bus. It has everything to
do with his ability to fit in with this team and play at the level we are
playing at."

The coach referred to the drama that has surrounded pro player Terrell Owens, but made it clear that Vermillion was out of a job anyway since the new receivers were apparently better. Vermillion disagreed, saying...

"I can play football," Vermillion said. "They are not giving me an
opportunity to play purely based on discrimination."

Obviously, this is a case of "he said/he said," but shame on CWA for exploiting the situation and trying to turn it into something it just isn't. Perhaps they should focus on a real case of discrimination instead. There are thousands to choose from, but they all involve homosexual and transgendered individuals. I guess CWA isn't all that "concerned" after all.

***UPDATE - I mistakenly stated that Mr. Vermillion was in California when, in fact, he's in Colorado. I regret the mistake and apologize for the mishap.

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