Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AFA Upset About Abstinence Education Funding

I just love the AFA's little 'Action Alerts,' and this one just makes me chuckle. Looking at their first paragraph...

"The Democratic leaders of the House Energy & Commerce Committee have
reportedly decided to kill the abstinence education program this year in favor
of so-called “comprehensive” programs that emphasize “safe sex” and

Well, I can see the logic there, lol. I mean, what we need in America today is more cases of AIDS and other STDs, as well as unplanned pregnancies, right?

Like any other political issue, for every study one side has stating their plan is better...the opposing side has just as many. But thanks, AFA, for the post-Memorial Day weekend laugh. All of us trying to get back into a normal work routine greatly appreciate it!

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