Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Westboro to Picket Falwell's Funeral

Is there any group that this church (and I use that term very loosely) doesn't hate? According to their latest manifesto (and, no...I won't give you a link to their site), not only will the extreme, batsh*t crazies at Westboro Baptist be picketing Falwell's funeral, but they've given a litany of reasons as to why he is now burning in hell. I was never a fan of Falwell, but no grieving family deserves the kind of treatment that Westboro is notorious for giving.

Not only do they regularly picket the funerals of fallen soldiers, but they do so bearing signs reading such hateful things as, "Thank God For Dead Soldiers." Their behavior is abominable and heartless. Mr. Phelps, your behavior bears absolutely no resemblance to the love that Christians and their God are supposed to have. Either walk the talk or shut up!

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