Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AFA Still Badgering the Ford Corporation

Hold on to your seats...Ford has hosted yet another gay oriented function, and the AFA is all up in arms over it! Once again, we should all watch for the sky to fall, lol! Here are the details...

"Ford, taking an in-your-face attitude, continues its support for
homosexual marriage and the homosexual agenda by making yet another contribution
to a homosexual event. Meanwhile, the Ford family is at odds with one
another over company's future."

The Ford Corporation contributed to the 2007 Out and Equal Workplace Summitt, and to PFLAG, and the AFA insists that this is the reason Ford's earnings have taken a hit...

"While Ford is losing billions and laying off scores of thousands of their
employees, the company still has money to give to help promote homosexual
marriage and the homosexual lifestyle. In April, Ford sales dropped 13% over the
same period in 2006. This was the 10th month out of the last 12 (since AFA
began the boycott) that Ford sales have been down."

My question is this...has anyone at AFA given any thought to the rising cost of gas? Could that be a contributing factor to the drop in Ford's earnings? Common sense would say yes, but apparently we're dealing with a group who is more concerned with Ford's charitable contributions than the obvious economical issues the country is faced with currently.

A brief search yielded the following findings...

*May 3, 2007 - GM Profit Falls 90
Percent From Year Ago

*May 14, 2007 - Chrysler
on Verge of Sale to a Private Firm

*May 16, 2007 - UPDATE
1-Progressive Corp. posts lower April earnings

Right,'s the contributions to homosexual friendly efforts that's doing in the automotive industry!

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