Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Talking Head for Concerned Women

First off, I have to applaud the Concerned Women of America for actually employing a woman to speak for them.  I've blogged before about how the organization seems to allow men to do the talking, so the addition of Penny Nance is refreshing.

That said, Ms. Nance gave her analysis of the State of the Union speech and made me wonder if she'd actually heard the speech or just reported what she was told to report.  In a summary statement of her report (which can be downloaded from CWA), CWA stated...

"CWA's CEO Penny Nance paid close attention to President Obama's State of the Union address. What she heard was an entrenching on liberal social policies and a list of new spending that will enslave our children to a crushing national debt."

The Terminator's take...Ms. Nance's statement reminded me of the nursery rhyme about the sky falling.  Remember the one?  Henny Penny runs to tell Lucky Ducky and all the others that the sky is falling.  So, in nursery rhyme fashion, "Henny Penny" Nance has once again announced that the sky is falling...guess we should all tell the President, you think?

Babs Lets Loose Again...

Peter LaBarbera never fails to give me something to write about everytime he opens his mouth.  This time, he is ranting about the reckless actions of a few adults and applying that behavior to the entire homosexual community.  Here's a bit of his rant...

"Once again we are confronted with the unparalleled deviance of a Sexual Perversion Movement that masquerades as a “civil rights” cause. As we’ve said many times, truth really is stranger than fiction when it comes to the “gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/sadomasochist” (GLBTS?) lobby.
Just four days after attending a sadomasochistic party where he shot a fellow homosexual, Fred Homer Wilson, who “got a thrill out of using a loaded gun as a sex toy,” Bruce LaVallee-Davidson testified for “gay marriage” with his homosexual lover Buck at a public hearing."

The Terminator's take...first, what's with the phrase, "Once again?"  Check out the article for yourself, and you'll see this is a statement made without any tangible support.  Babs loves to make these outrageous statements to scare the hell out of society.  Second, on the subject about the truth being stranger than fiction...let's take a look at John Edwards.  Notice that the ultra-fundies aren't frothing at the mouth over this past week's revelations involving his affair.  If we were to apply the same logic, heterosexual marriage is just as toxic as the idea of homosexual marriage...because of the actions of a few.  Once again, the fundies have lost in the face of actual logic.

Anti Hate Banner Removed From School

This should go in the file with other "boneheaded decisions made by people without a functioning brain!"  Here's the story...a school in Wyoming posted the banner pictured below:


Now, because there is a logo from the Gay and Lesbian Forum from Colorado, the school board in Wheatland, WY decided it was inappropriate.  They offered this quote as the reasoning (and I use that term extremely loosely) for their decision:

Impeachment Rumblings All Over Again

It's funny to me that regardless of who's in office, the opposition tries to find some reason to call for the impeachment of the current President. As with the past few Presidents, the Republicans have mounted a new campaign calling for the impeachment of Obama.  Democrats did the same thing with Bush and Republicans called for and successfully impeached Clinton (Yes...Clinton was impeached by the House, but remained in office because the Senate did not vote to impeach).

The Terminator's take...impeachment is a serious event that should be called for under serious circumstances.  It is NOT something that should be called for when one party disagrees with the policies of another.  Just like the little boy who cried "wolf," politicians will soon be ignored by Americans and a future, necessary call for impeachment will be go unanswered.  Both parties need to get a grip and find a better avenue for voicing their opposition.  

Beware of Ransomware

Spam is always annoying and makes us waste time cleaning out email boxes.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a rise in the use of a malicious extortion scheme as of late.  According to MSNBC, a more aggressive ransomware has emerged, literally seizing a person's PC until they pay to get use of it back.  See a video about how it works below...

Rogueware with new Ransomware Technology™ from Panda Security on Vimeo.

Most of these schemes ask for payments in the range of $50 - $89 for a fake "protection" program, and has been deemed as criminal by authorities.

The Terminator's take...keep your eyes open, and don't fall for an extortion scheme!  Keep your computer protected and never follow a link you don't trust!

Dems Suddenly Interested in Obama Birth Certificate?

Ok...I love this idea, and I think the Dems are on the right track in identifying which Republicans are hiding the fact that they are part of the more conservative "Tea Party" movement.  Ever since the Tea Party began its grassroots campaign, it is suspected that many Republicans either in office or pursuing office secretly agree with the party's platform.

Once again, Wingnut Daily has offered this information in an attempt to demonize the Dems, but it's given me something to write about instead.  Since some Republicans agree with the Tea Party (described as extremists by the Democratic leadership), I think it's important to make them go on the record with their beliefs.  To that end, Democrats have produced a checklist of questions to ask their opponents...

  • Do you believe that Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen?

  • Do you think the 10th Amendment bars Congress from issuing regulations like minimum health care coverage standards?

  • Do you think programs like Social Security and Medicare represent socialism and should never have been created in the first place?

  • Do you think President Obama is a socialist?

  • Do you think America should return to a gold standard?
The memo instructs that if a GOP candidate says no, make his or her "primary opponent or conservative activists know it."

The Terminator's take...this is ingenious!!  The strategy is fabulous because the Republican giving the answers will face pressure from both sides regardless of their response.  If the timing is right, it could be very effective!

Was Iraq Really About Oil?

To start, let me be clear in saying that I support our troops and the work they do on behalf of our country.  However, I don't always support the cause they are sent to fight.  Specifically, I believe that our troops were sent into Iraq for two reasons.  First, I believe that Bush wanted Saddam's head, and second...there IS an abundance of oil available in Iraq. 

Ironically, I'm getting information on the latter from my favorite wingnut site, World Net Daily.  Take a look at this quote...

"Within the next few years, Iraq is positioned to rival Saudi Arabia by bringing its oil production to 11 million barrels a day,"

"Scientists for the U.S. Geological Survey have also suggested Venezuela's oil reserves may double the reserves in Saudi Arabia."

As you can see, the same article discusses Venezuela as another major oil source, prompting me to wonder if Chavez will soon be accused of harboring terrorists or developing WMDs.  After all, isn't that the argument used by the Bush administration to plunge our troops into a war that has lasted for almost 7 years and killed more Americans than the attacks on 9/11?  

The Terminator's take...I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but this information really raises my eyebrows.  While I agree that Saddam was a blight on humanity, I wonder if his capture and execution was simply a means to an end, having little or nothing to do with the actual terrorist threat on our country.  Just one Terminator's opinion.

Orrin Hatch to Include BCS as Federal Issue

Let's care, the economy, Haiti and the Bowl Championship Series?  Would you consider the BCS as a major issue facing the nation and in need of federal intervention?  Apparently, that's what Orrin Hatch (R) from Utah wants.  That's right, folks...a Republican is asking for the Justice department to investigate anti-trust allegations related to the way in which the college football postseason is played.

The Terminator's take...aren't Republicans supposed to be against "big government" or unnecessary government influence on privatized matters?  I suppose the fact that Utah (Hatch's home state) went undefeated last year and wasn't given a chance to play for the championship had nothing to with his decision to ask Obama to intervene. 

*insert sarcastic sigh here*

Two thoughts...First, Republicans need to own up to their various special interests and earmarks.  If this isn't proof positive that some in Congress have their priorities a little screwed up, then I don't know what is.  Second, while I agree the BCS has its flaws I don't think it warrants the help of the President or the Justice department.  Let the collegiate system fix itself, at the behest of the millions of fans and players who will continue to scream until it does get fixed!

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Watchdog" Shows She's Out of Touch

I've said it before...I love it when the fundies make my job easy!  This little gem is a perfect example.  Allow me to introduce Elaine Donnelly, president of The Center for Military Readiness and self-appointed political watchdog.  Here's a snippet of her remarks regarding Obama being "out of touch" when it comes to DADT...

"First of all, there is no big push for gays in the military. For him to say 'finally repeal this law on gays in the military,' he's really out of touch," she notes. "Secondly, he seems to be looking at this issue as if it has to do with civil rights. The law clearly states that there is no constitutional right to be in the armed forces."
Where to begin...let's start with Ms. Donnelly's (wait...let's call her Dingbat Donnelly) initial statement.  Does Dingbat Donnelly read any newspapers or watch any news programs?  Since 1993, HRC and other equal rights organizations have been screaming about this piece of junk legislation.  It seems to me that the Dingbat is the one who is out of touch!

The Dingbat also seems confused about the difference between civil rights and constitutional issues surrounding the right to serve in the military.  She is correct (Oh, how it pains me to say so), that there is no constitutional right for any American regarding service in the military.  Obviously, certain physical requirements are in place, and not every citizen who wants to serve will be able to do so.  However, being homosexual does not make a person unable to serve.  This is very, very similar to the state of our armed services prior to integration.  African Americans were not allowed to serve simply because of their skin color.  Following the same logic, homosexuals who are capable of meeting the physical and mental requirements for serving in the military should be granted that opportunity.

The Terminator's take...Dingbats, wing-nuts and fundies don't like to engage in talk of logic, so of course my logical argument will be readily dismissed.  If they can't understand it, they can't fight their response is to make sure you're afraid of it.  Don't fall for it, folks!

Tea Party...The Next Republican Revolution?

Remember the mid-term election of 1994?  Bill Clinton was stunned when Newt Gingrinch and company moved into Washington after a huge sweep of Republican victories.  Since Scott Brown's victory in Massachusettes, some think the "Tea Party" is now poised to pull off another massive takeover in November.

Yes, those lovable little wing-nuts over at World News Daily are talking about a huge upset in the making.  With the intriguing addition of Sarah Palin to their list of Tea Party headliners, are starting to be more and more convinced that the next Republican Revolution is in their sight.

The Terminator's take...Obama made a good point that probably went in one Republican ear and out the other.  He mentioned that there was no leadership in just saying, "No," for the sake of disagreeing.  If the Tea Party does manage to pull off an upset in November, I think there will be a stalemate.  When that happens, no one wins.

State of the Union...Part 3

As you might have expected, our friend Peter LaBarbera has latched on to the idea of repealing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy in the military.  Babs and his group of homophobic fundies have begun their campaign to make all homesexuals look like sex-crazed rapists. 

Because there was a batch of gay porn involving members of the military, all homosexuals are, of course, immoral beings who are unworthy of life and its liberties.  Funny thing is, there is also a problem with straight porn in the military.  I suppose that since men and women bunk separately, none of them are in any way influenced by or act upon the porn they may run across...right?  Right, that I'll believe, LOL.

The Terminator's take...DADT was and is a ridiculous piece of legislation.  If members of the miliatry don't have to "see" their gay commrades, then I suppose they don't exist.  It reminds me of my cat...the one who will hide under the bed, leaving her rear end out for all to see.  She figures if she can't see me...I can't see her.  The same priciple applies here.

Babs is running one of his usual scare campaigns, trying to make all of us believe that homosexuals are evil and will corrupt anything they are able to participate in.  Well, Babs...believe it or not, there are already gays in the military and despite that fact, the entire military structure hasn't collapsed!  Imagine that!!

State of the Union Aftermath...Part 2

As promised, part 2 of my SOTU deals with the President's comments to the Supreme Court.  I don't know how many of you saw it, but Justice Alito had his own, "You Lie," moment during Obama's speech. Take a look at the video...

The Terminator's take...Alito had two reasons for his reaction

First, Obama is now among only a handful of Presidents to confront the Supreme Court in the context of the State of the Union address.  Jefferson, Roosevelt and Reagan are the only other Presidents who have acted similarly.  That probably put Alito and the other Supremes on edge.

Second, while Obama was correct in mentioning the court's decision regarding individual Americans and domestic groups or organizations, he incorrectly mentioned foreign entities.  The court allowed unlimited spending in its Citizens United vs. FEC an extension of First Amendment free speech rights... but has yet to rule on spending rules regarding foreign entities. 

Honestly, both Obama and Alito were somewhat out of line, but the whole thing seemed a little overblown to me...certainly not like Joe Wilson's, "You lie," outburst.

Next topic...Don't Ask, Don't Tell

State of the Union Aftermath...Part 1

Obama's speech last night has ignited a whirlwind of discussion on the blogosphere, and the fundies are having a field day. Since there are a few key issues that Obama highlighted that seem to be sparking the biggest firestorms, I've decided to break them up over the course of a few posts.

For today's post, I'll focus on the expected, but still interesting shift in focus for the administration. Up until the election of Scott Brown to Kennedy's senate seat (causing the loss of the so-called "super majority"), the focus of the political rhetoric was health care. We've all seen how that blew up in Obama's face, especially on the issue of transparency. Last night, it was as if Obama was trying to make us believe that the economy (namely creating jobs and reducing taxes) had been the focus all along and that he just couldn't understand why no one would cooperate with him.

The Terminator's take...the famous campaign phrase, "It's the economy, stupid," won't work twice, especially when anyone who's paid attention knows that the legislative focus has been health care. Smoke and mirrors won't work, Mr. Obama. You haven't tricked me, and you haven't tricked the rest of America.

Sorry, all those Obama fans out there...I'm not knocking him completely, I just don't like misdirection period, regardless of who it comes from.

Next topic...Obama vs. the Supremes and Alito's "that's not true" comment.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fundies Criticize the New York Times

Ok, I realize that my title probably states the obvious...but I just couldn't pass up this one. It seems that some of those lovable little wingnuts over at Americans for Truth are wondering why the Times is denouncing the Ugandan policies regarding homosexuality. Specifically, they are asking what gives the United States the right to lecture another country on its policies.

Whatever your stance, homosexuality isn't the bigger issue in this article...even if Peter LaBarbera and his cronies would like for you to think otherwise. No, the bigger question is, does the United States have the right to lecture? Think about it before you answer...think about the wars we're fighting, the leaders we've promoted, the POLICIES we've supported or denounced in the past.

I'm not proposing an answer one way or the other, but I find it ironic that some of the biggest "Bush-backers" have the audacity to gripe about the US lecturing other countries. It just seems to me that the Fundies are all for lectures...if they serve their personal beliefs and agendas.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Computers in the Classroom

I stumbled upon this little blog post (courtesy of the American Family Association),

"The fact of the matter is more computers in classrooms won't help students
master the basic skills of reading, writing and math. There is already such a
lack of understanding in these basic subjects that it's rather pointless to
introduce computers into a classroom. A computer won't teach a kid how to do
algebra or how to convey his thoughts through writing. If anything, computers
hinder the learning process in school. Considering the sorry, and steadily
declining, state of public education, taxpayer money should be used for better
and more effective projects."
From an educational standpoint, this statement is absolutely ridiculous! I won't bore you with statistics and such, but I will give you a short explanation about learning styles. Every individual learns in a certain way. Some are visual learners and thrive in an environment full of diagrams, drawings, etc. Others are audio learners and thrive in an environment where concepts are explained verbally. Still others are tactile learners and thrive in an environment where they are able to learn by "doing." Many of us, however, rely on a combination of these learning styles.

Using computers in the classroom correctly allows concepts to be conveyed through all of the above mentioned learning styles. The basic skills the writer addressed are, in fact, often better conveyed through the audio/visual/tactile software that is available now. Students who might have otherwise fallen by the wayside are offered another avenue of learning.

The Terminator's take...This writer is more concerned with placing blame and ranting about tax dollars than taking the time to examine the research behind using computers in classroom settings. Do your homework before you start ranting...otherwise, you just look idiotic.

Teachers Warned Against Being "Heterosexist"

I have to start this by explaining the source of this story. World Net Daily is a conservative (ok...more like "ultra-conservative") organization that has a news website. I affectionately refer to them as my favorite little "wing-nuts," because some of their issues are, well...really "out there."

Take, for example, their objection to the Texas Education Agency's stipulation that...

"teachers and administrators must be held accountable for practices deemed to be
racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, or in any other way discriminatory."
Can you guess which word those adorable little wing-nuts objected to? If you answered, "heterosexist," you're right! The irony is that 40 years ago they'd have objected against the word "racist," yet now that they've removed their white sheets, they've focused their discriminatory actions toward homosexuals.

The fact is, homosexuals are living among our communities. Just as Americans feared sharing their rights, space, etc. with African Americans, the hateful few now fear allowing loving couples to share the same rights they enjoy. Further, allowing homosexuals to share marriage rights does not in any way diminish the existing or future heterosexual marriages.

Plain and simple...teachers, leaders, etc. should refrain from making derogatory or inflammatory comments when interacting with our children. The wing-nuts need to realize that their constant messages of intolerance and hate are not constructive and serve only to create further division and conflict.

Concerned Women of America Focus on Planned Parenthood

I'm always amused when the Concerned Women of America rant and rave...especially since many of their article writers and members are actually men! This most recent event caught my attention because it concerned my community and occurred amidst the celebration of MLK day and the sorrow of the tragedy in Haiti.

Here's the story...A new Planned Parenthood building is being constructed in Houston. It is the second largest of its kind, and is located near downtown. Crowds gathered to protest, trying to show racial unity by chanting, "Black, brown and white...we are pro-life!"

The Terminator's take? Get a grip!! Had the very concerned women done their research, they would know that Planned Parenthood doesn't necessarily equal abortion. The organization offers several services to help women in need. That said, I think the concerned women could have chosen to rally support for the Haitians who are still greatly in need of our support. The fact that they chose to ignore the thousands upon thousands of dead and injured in Haiti to protest an organization that supports life tells me that their priortities are completely upside-down. Another point of interest is that they attempted to use MLK's day to put forth an image of unity when it's obvious that they seem to discriminate against any woman who seeks help from Planned Parenthood. Honestly, either you are tolerant and accepting, or you're's just that simple.

Concerned Women of America...shame on you for misusing Martin Luther King Jr.'s name and ignoring the greater tragedy in Haiti!