Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Women Who Use Their Brains Are a Threat?

The president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Paige Patterson, is in an uproar over women choosing to exist in places other than the kitchen...barefoot and pregnant, that is. In an article featured on OneNewsNow, another bunch of unhinged wingnuts, Patterson refers to the fact that 60% of college students are female, and Americans should be deeply concerned over this fact...a fact I couldn't validate, mind you. His biggest bone of contention is that leadership roles will be relinquished to women rather than the long held precedent of men shouldering the leadership burdens. In fact, Patterson makes the statement...

"Mom and hot apple pie have been replaced by institutional daycare centers and
cold apple turnovers at McDonald's."

I can't help but roll my eyes dramatically at that statement, but his next assertion is even more insane.

"A biblical model of the family is key to restoring social order in the
world, stated the Southern Baptist leader. Although innocents continue to be
executed in the womb by their mothers and divorce is "eviscerating family life
on every hand," said Patterson, there is still hope for the world.
promising social and education programs have cratered along with promised noble
deeds, [and] more sophisticated and determined evils proliferated, have we no
place to turn?" he asked rhetorically. "The family remains -- both the first and
the most important social unit created by an all-wise, omniscient God."

If these God-fearing men were truly doing the job Patterson says they should be, women wouldn't have to step up and fill in the gaps. He can bloviate all he wants, but the fact remains that someone has to take the leadership role and too many men are simply unwilling to take on that responsibility. By the way, this speech was given in Warsaw, Poland. I suppose Patterson didn't have the guts to make his statements here in the U.S....but I digress.

Bottom line...the Biblical model is just one option for families, and I hold no ill will to those who choose that for their families. But to insist that the Biblical model is the one and only option is absurd.

Ladies, keep learning...keep growing your minds and follow your desires!

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