Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WND's Shapiro Misses The Point...Again

I'm going to warn all of you, first, that this wingnut article is so unhinged that it's going to take a while to wade through it bear with me, lol.

Benjamin Shapiro has written a rather lengthy diatribe that starts out calling the "American left," godless...

"There is a curious void in the modern American left. That void is the
empty spot where God should be. The American left – and the Democratic Party, as
its political representative – has worked tirelessly over the course of decades
to cast God from the public square, all the time disclaiming their mission by
invoking "tolerance" for all beliefs."

Right off the bat, I have to say to Mr. Shapiro that there is no "mission," and our constant mention of being tolerant of all beliefs has no underlying agenda or hidden meaning. I need to point out, also, that by making this opening statement, Mr. Shapiro has positioned himself and his cohorts as the intolerant ones attempting to force their personal belief system upon everyone else. It gets better, though, as Benjamin continues...

"Where's God in the liberal moral equation? Nowhere to be found – and with
good reason. The American left now stands for the wholesale displacement of
traditional religious morality and the utter rejection of the Divine. "We
believe with certainty that an ethical life can be lived without religion,"
atheistic commentator Christopher Hitchens writes in his new best-seller, "God
Is Not Great." Hitchens, consciously or unconsciously, speaks for the liberal

Like CWA's Matt Barber, Shapiro has embraced the, "where we go one, we go all," philosophy by essentially stating that Hitchens' book speaks for every liberal. True, some of us have either rejected the notion of "God" or have embraced another form of religion...but that is the right of every human being, is it not? His insistence that we all should embrace his idea of "traditional religious morality" is the biggest problem with these fundamental conservatives. Shapiro then refers to a Gallup poll, without giving any link or notation so readers can check the poll's validity, and expands upon the godlessness of liberals...

"A recent Gallup poll showed overwhelming liberal support for homosexual
activity (83 percent), premarital sex (89 percent), illegitimacy (83 percent),
abortion (67 percent) and doctor-assisted suicide (73 percent). Liberals support
polygamy, adultery and cloning humans at an exponentially higher rate than
conservatives. The top moral issue on the liberal agenda seems to be global warming. ("It is a moral issue, it is
an ethical issue," spouts Al Gore.) Liberals seem far less comfortable
discussing the moral implications of a precipitate withdrawal from Iraq."

Notice Benjamin's blatant misuse of the word "support" in this paragraph. Since I can't check the poll to which he's referring, I can't make any definitive statements other than to say that I highly doubt the questions were posed in such a manner as to suggest that the person being polled "supported" any of the issues mentioned. This is simply Shapiro's attempt to link liberals to all that is evil, and I'm surprised that pedophilia wasn't mentioned. I mean, everyone knows that liberals...and homosexuals in particular...want nothing more than to engage in polygamous relationships with minors while producing illegitimate children and cloning embryos in our secret laboratories, right? As to his passing comment about Iraq (which seemed incredibly random and misplaced), I wonder if Mr. Shapiro has given any thought to the moral implication of continuing to send our troops to die in what has become the Chimperor's own quagmire and the civil war that has ensued as a result?

Ben goes on for a few more paragraphs basically continuing to link liberals to what he believes will be the downfall of civilization, while using as many five and ten dollar words as possible once again. He concludes with this...

"We have witnessed four decades of a punctuated slide down to the ant heap,
thanks to the morality of those who reject the possibility of the soul and the
righteousness of the Divine moral mission. But it is not too late. It is never
too late, as long as the Divine spark smolders in the human heart – the spark
that is always ready to burst into a renewed flame of enlightened morality. And
no amount of liberal obfuscation and atheistic bluster can extinguish that

Mr. Shapiro, the human soul will thrive whether your idea of religion and religious morality is a part of that soul or not. The cynicism and jadedness you speak of is not a result of rejecting your mores, it's a result of witnessing the infighting among religious groups, the proselytizing and the profound arrogance with which you continually beat people. Since you are so obsessed with "the Divine," allow me to remind you of a few of his words...

* "When they kept on questioning Him, He straightened up and said to them,'If
any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.'"
John 8:7 (New International Version) Obviously, "He," is Jesus and he was
speaking to a group of teachers and Pharisees who intended to stone to death a
woman who had been caught in adultery.

Here's the painful truth for you, Mr.'re not a perfect person and neither am I. So when you become perfect and "without sin," then, maybe, you can tell the rest of us how we should live and what moral system we should adopt. Until then, however...try to at least pretend you're not the arrogant nutcase that you are.

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