Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Day...Another Dose of Matt Barber Ridiculousness

I have run across a few truly pitiful arguments, but this one from Matt Barber of Concerned Women For America is by far one of the worst. In addressing the eHarmony lawsuit, Barber opens with the following...

"Luigi is living the American dream. He’s finally saved up enough money to
come to America — the land of freedom and opportunity — to pursue his lifelong
goal of owning and operating his own pizzeria. Based on his grandmother’s old
family recipe, his pizza pie quickly becomes known as the best in town.
Bruce is hungry. As he strolls down the boulevard, he decides he’s got a
taste for Chinese food. Bruce walks past three Chinese restaurants and goes into
Luigi’s. Bruce has seen too many episodes of The Sopranos, so he doesn’t like Italians.
“I’ll have an order of Egg Foo Yung,” Bruce says to Luigi. “Egg Foo who?” Luigi
replies. Bruce promptly sues Luigi for unspecified damages, seeking an
injunction to force him to add Egg Foo Yung to his menu."

Um...what the hell is Matt talking about here? I suppose I can loosely see the point he's trying to make...Bruce sues Luigi because he doesn't offer the food he wants to order. But how, exactly, is that the same or even close to the same as an organization refusing to acknowledge the dating needs of an entire segment of the population? I've established in an earlier post that I don't agree with the suits being filed against eHarmony, but as I read on, I discovered that Matt is talking less about the actual lawsuits and more about this continual insistence that homosexuals hate Christians. He says as much in his subheadline...

"They don’t like hearing the Good News that a Redeemer loves them so much
He offers us freedom from our sin."

He adds to that in a subsequent paragraph...

"Just as Bruce doesn’t like Italians, many on the left don’t like
Christians. They don’t like that Christians believe that there are clear lines
of demarcation between right and wrong. They don’t like that both the Bible and
natural law unequivocally condemn homosexual behaviors as immoral and
disordered. They don’t like hearing the Good News that a Redeemer loves them so
much He offers us freedom from our sin. And for that reason, they don’t like Dr.
Neil Clark Warren, and they don’t like eHarmony. Oh, and the fact that Dr. Warren is a
Christian with ties to Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family — well, that just drives
‘em plain batty."

And there we have it, folks. Barber spouts the same nonsense we've heard time and time again and reinforces the idea that homosexuals must...simply must...conform to his idea of what Christianity is. In an age where the various factions of Baptists alone can't agree on some of the most basic tenants of their faith, I find it humorous that Mr. Barber seems to have all the spiritual answers a person might need. He'd probably be shocked to know that there are many homosexuals who are Christians...believing they too are God's creation and, in acknowledging their belief that God makes no mistakes, practice their Christianity without any reservations. Since that entire idea would clash with his entire belief system, I would bet that he'd come out with an attack on them as well...despite their shared Christianity.

We really don't care who Dr. Warren's friends are...even if one happens to be another individual with whom we disagree. But the difference between Barber and his cohorts and us is that we aren't trying to change who they are or deny them any of the freedoms they currently enjoy. Please, feel free to disagree, Matt...but don't try to force us to conform to your idea of Christianity.

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