Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Little This and That...

You know that even while on vacation I had to poke fun at a few things, right? So here we go...

**Doesn't this sound like fun? Those lovable little wingnuts are having themselves a 10th anniversary cruise. Forgive me...I'm trying to contain my laughter here.


**I can't make this stuff up. Apparently, an Illinois woman's mare kicked a stallion to death. Why, you ask? (Again, I'm trying to contain my laughter) The stallion was making unwanted sexual advances. ABC News reports...

"Ruth Kay, of Bartlett, Ill., said in court papers that a stallion named
Vinny violated her mare's "personal and private space" by resting his head on
the mare's rear end, a common romantic come-on among horses.
The mare, named
Gabby, kicked Vinny, eventually killing him, according to a lawsuit filed last
year by Vinny's owner, Collette Sorensen."

I'm an animal lover, and I certainly do not relish the stallion's death and I do realize that such horses can be worth quite a bit of money...but come on! This just sounds like the judge who sued the drycleaner's for losing his pants.

**Janet Folger apparently thinks she's Reagan now, LOL. In last Tuesday's article, she twisted one of Reagan's quotes to try and give Bush a swift kick in the balls...

"Mr. President, tear down that fence!"

If you want a good laugh, give it a read

**Run! The gays have infiltrated the evangelical society! Those Concerned Women For America have their panties in a knot over the idea that "homosexual temptations" are normal. Shocking, isn't it? Better yet, one pastor is making money off the idea through his book, The Gay Gospel. Check out the article, and you'll see Matt Barber's hands all over it, LOL.

**Bloomberg breaks with the elephants and positions himself as a possible independent spoiler. It's too early to tell if he'll be the Perot or Nader of '08, but the announcement does raise a few questions...the biggest being, which party will get hurt if he runs as an independent? Ah, I suppose it'll all boil down to who the party nominees end up being...right now, it's a toss up, in my opinion.

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