Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Unhinged Janet Folger Reaches a New Maturity Low

If it's Tuesday, then it means there will be another in a long list of idiotic rants from the completely unhinged and bigoted Janet Folger of Faith2Action, posted on WingNutDaily. Today's tirade reaches a new low in the maturity department, though, as Janet puts the opponents of eHarmony in her crosshairs...

"I'm suing gayHarmony for discrimination.
That's right. Because without
having checked, I'm certain there isn't a single homosexual site or publication
that offers what I'm looking for:
A heterosexual pro-life Christian who
likes long walks on the beach and wants to help fight unequal justice mandated
in the speech-restricting "hate crimes" bill.
Those bigoted heterophobes.
Before you call the thought police, I don't really think the homosexual
publications should be forced to cater to me. But unfortunately, that tolerance
is not reciprocated. Lesbian Linda Carlson of San Francisco is suing eHarmony
because she can't find a date. They don't offer a category for "lesbian bullies
seeking women," so she wants to bully eHarmony until they do."

Here's where I am forced to switch to speaking directly to Ms. Folger.

If Ms. Carlson is dubbed a bully by you for suing eHarmony, then what, exactly, would that make you, Janet? And before you launch into a grand tirade, no doubt fueled by a wealth of righteous indignation, remember you opened the door. I realize that your statement was most likely tongue-in-cheek, but if you're going to wage a campaign against hate speech, you might want to consider avoiding referring to those whom you oppose as 'bullies.'

Further, your indirect, although not overlooked, connection between homosexuals and pedophiles is something with which I take exception. This assertion made by you and your other fundie comrades is, to use a term you might recognize from one of your other rants, "the real hate speech." Contrary to the fictional homosexual agenda you and your buddies cling to, we are not out to act inappropriately with a child or make any attempt to convert them. Nor do we have any interest in converting or otherwise enticing you to become a lesbian. Since it's long been maintained that a person's sexual orientation is a biological identity and not something we woke up one day a decided to 'be,' these constant assertions only serve to make you look foolish.

Personally, I don't agree with Ms. Carlson's decision to sue, and I prefer to look at eHarmony's decision to discriminate as an opportunity for other sites to blossom. By the same token, however, I can't agree with anyone's attempt to distort or in any way silence the voice of another...something you, Ms. Folger, are guilty of on a regular basis. You can feel free to disagree with the way a person lives their life, and you are welcome to shout about your objections as loudly as you wish...just as I and others like me are as free to do the same. That's what free speech is all about. The difference between you and me, Janet, is that while I don't expect you to agree with me, you all but demand that I change my viewpoint...my identity...just because you say so. That, Ms. Folger, is something I cannot quietly ignore, for it marks the difference between the free speech rights you claim to fight for and the hate speech you so vehemently abhor.

So, Janet, try to grow up a little before next Tuesday's article...please.

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