Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday's This and That

**Paris is out of prison, and is claiming to have found God. I suppose among the many things a person could find while in prison, God is better than others, lol, but I'm not buying this...despite what Barbara Walters says. Paris got scared, and I imagine this newfound redemption may last for a week or two...we'll see.

**In case you haven't heard about it, two gay New Jersey students had their yearbook photo removed because it showed them kissing. There's been a whole bunch of hoopla over the entire censorship issue, but what I find most fascinating is that this morning, on WingNutDaily, there is a link where readers can "see the kiss." If you follow the link, you'll have to scroll down the page to find the "Photonetdaily" reference. Funny that such a bunch of homophobes would give such a link.

**That ridiculous 54 million dollar lawsuit filed over a pair of missing pants from a dry cleaner's was thrown out of court yesterday. I'm still laughing over what the presiding judge had to say about the case...

"A judge ruled Monday that no pair
of pants
is worth $54 million, rejecting a lawsuit that took a dry
's promise of "Satisfaction Guaranteed" to its most litigious

She had much more to say, so give the article a read.

**God, no...now Cheney is showing signs of "lunacy?" WND has an article up today discussing a NY Times article in which Cheney is described as...

"belligerent," "ideological" and "shadowy." Also "extralegal" and "dastardly."
And his position, writer Maureen Dowd says, is "bordering on lunacy."

With the Chimperor's behavior (see my previous posts), I say we bring in the next one in line...Speaker of the House Pelosi. I don't really like her all that much, but hell...she can't be any worse, right?

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