Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Barber Can't Protect His Own Children?

After reading his comments today, I'm beginning to wonder if Matt Barber thinks the FCC is responsible for the moral protection of his children. Referring to a ruling yesterday by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Barber said...

"Matt Barber, Concerned Women for America’s (CWA) Policy Director for
Cultural Issues, said, “With this ruling the Second Circuit has essentially
declared a profanity free-for-all on primetime network television, a time when
children are most likely to be viewing. The court ruled that it was ‘arbitrary
and capricious’ for the FCC to restrict the ‘fleeting’ use – whatever that means
– of the harshest of expletives, including the F-word. The Fox Television
Network has said, and the court apparently agreed, that the FCC regulation,
‘serves no purpose other than to chill artistic expression in violation of the
First Amendment.’ So it now ‘chills artistic expression’ to place even the most
reasonable and limited of protective barriers between a four-year-old and the
F-word on daytime television? Just when you think we can’t sink any lower as a
society, we do.”

Ummm, Matt...my four-year-old isn't watching this programming, and neither is my six-year-old, for that matter. If yours are, then you have far bigger issues to worry about than any court ruling. The Court was absolutely correct in upholding the First Amendment rights in this case, I believe, and it's absurd to think or assume that any Court or other federal agency should be responsible for guarding anyone's child against hearing an expletive. That's the job of the parents, and I find myself wondering...once again...if your remote control is somehow disabled or if you've forgotten how to turn the television off altogether.

The article goes on to say...

"CWA is encouraging Congress to address this issue. Networks need to be
held accountable for inappropriate language on live programming. Small children
should not be exposed to such “artistic expression” on television."

I think this one will have to fall under the, "Well, DUH," category. Of course small children shouldn't be exposed to the sort of language the CWA is so concerned about. For all the bloviating this particular organization has done about parental rights and privileges, it is astounding to me that they seem to want someone else to take the wheel on this subject. So astounding, in fact, that I wonder if CWA might not be using the idea of poor, innocent children being subjected to such foul language as a way of controlling what everyone can and can't watch. But that can't be true, can it? It's the homosexual community that is attempting to hijack American culture, right? Once again, you've been caught trying to manipulate society so that it reflects your own mores and values.

CWA needs to come clean on this and admit that their goal is to force Americans to adopt their ideals and morals. The article lists contact information on this subject, and I think we should tell them that we're not fooled by this tactic and would like them to stop constantly pointing the finger at the LGBT community for forcing or trying to implement some 'agenda.' It's obvious that CWA's agenda is being pushed here, and nothing more. Here's the contact information...

For Information Contact:Jennifer Fedor(202) 488-7000media.cwfa.org

Give 'em hell!

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