Thursday, June 07, 2007

Are Your Remote Controls Broken?

I suppose there's been a conspiracy surrounding the television remote controls of all WingNuts...they're suddenly not functioning! Quick...someone alert the conspiracy police and stop the madness! What? You mean there's nothing wrong with their remote controls at all? Well, to read this morning's article, you'd think that the liberals of the world had snuck in and disabled them...

"A new decision from a federal appeals court in New York has tossed out a
rule by the Federal Communications Commission that cracked down
on "fleeting expletives" on television airwaves, and a media monitor says it's
another setback in the battle for clean entertainment.
"Vulgarity has
literally exploded," Robert Peters, chief of Morality in Media, told WND."

Perhaps it's not the remote controls that are the problem...perhaps it's those sneaking liberals coming in and holding guns to the heads of innocent fundies, forcing them to watch programs they don't find appropriate because of those damn "fleeting expletives." No? Ah, so these fundies are scanning the networks and deliberately inflicting this offensiveness on themselves? Come on your own article and pay attention...

"The networks were pleased with the ruling. "Viewers should be allowed to
determine for themselves and their families … what is appropriate viewing for
their home," said Scott Grogin, a spokesman from Fox."

Pick up your remote and change the channel if you find yourself offended by the program you're watching, but don't try to tell me or anyone else what should or shouldn't be aired.

Wow...could this be yet another example of the fundies trying to force their ideals on the rest of society? And here I thought that it was that ever elusive homosexual agenda that was pushing wholistic changes on society. What was I thinking? Nice try, WND, but once again you've been caught.

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