Thursday, June 07, 2007

Westboro's Shirley Phelps Roper Gets Arrested

I was wondering how long it would take for something like this to happen. Since the members of Westboro Baptist, especially Shirley (daughter of church leader Fred Phelps), almost always involve their children in the various protests they conduct, it was only a matter of time...

"Shirley Phelps-Roper, 49, of Topeka, Kan., was arrested on suspicion of
contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

I think "suspicion" is putting it mildly, but here's what her son was seen doing during a protest in Nebraska...

"Phelps-Roper acknowledged that she allowed her 10-year-old son, Jonah, to
stand on the flag — an action that she says is protected by the U.S.

Honestly, she's right...that action, I believe, does fall under the free speech allowances of the Constitution, but does anyone really think a 10 year old child needs to be involved in such demonstrations? It's one thing for an adult to stomp on the U.S. flag in protest, but to involve a child in such behavior (and this is just one example of how the children of church members have been involved) is unconscionable. Shirley is out on bond and is, of course, going to battle the charges against her...

"Phelps-Roper said church members have protested at more than 280 military
funerals in 43 states since June 15, 2005, and that Tuesday marked her church’s
first arrest at a funeral."

I say it's about time someone was arrested. Not for protesting, as that is their right, but for involving their children in these protests. I refuse to give Westboro a link, but you can Google them and find their site. Take a look at some of what their children have been involved in and tell me if you don't think it's abusive. I don't throw that word around lightly, but to have your child hold signs and say hateful things to people is abusive. I hope this isn't the last arrest, and I hope it leads to the end of Westboro youth participating in their parents' protests.

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