Friday, June 01, 2007

Pastor Known For Protests Denied Permission to March in Chicago Pride Parade

I need to create a new file, and this will be the first story to fit into it...the "Well, DUH!" file. A Chicago pastor, Ruben Israel (leader of the Street Preachers group), who was denied permission to march in the June 24th Pride Parade has become the subject of an idiotic WingNut article. Israel says...

"I see this as nothing but hypocrisy," said Ruben
who has been at the Chicago
for seven previous years, protesting the homosexual lifestyle choice
from the sidewalks."

Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing the hypocrisy displayed here by the pastor? If any gay rights advocacy group wanted to participate in an event held by a religious organization that was fundamentally opposed to homosexual rights, do you think that they'd be allowed access? I seriously doubt it, and Mr. Israel just makes himself look ridiculous by trying to get into the very event he spent the last seven years protesting. For all his whining and fear mongering about losing his right to free speech (comments which can be read in the rest of the article), I imagine he'll still be on the sidelines protesting as he has for the last seven years...unimpeded, I might add. Loss of free speech, give me a break.

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