Friday, June 08, 2007

So...Gumbel Can't Express His Opinion?

I just love it when fundies get all upset about having one of their own spoken to in a derogatory manner, and I can't believe this story is still around. Back in June of 2000, Bryant Gumbel referred to fundie maniac Robert Knight , who now heads the Media Research Council, as a "fucking idiot." Granted, Gumbel brought some of this on himself when he bragged about the comment while filling in on the Regis and Kelly Show yesterday, but I am just amazed at the double standard...

"Concerning Mr. Gumbel's recent remarks, MRC President Brent Bozell
commented: "Bryant Gumbel is a crude, left-wing reporter who has now confirmed
what we documented and CBS denied for seven years-CBS claimed 'it is unclear
what the comment was'-and for which Mr. Gumbel refused to apologize. Mr.
Gumbel's words and lack of decency and decorum, then and now and as confirmed on
the broadcast today, show that he is grossly biased and sees absolutely nothing
wrong in smearing people he disagrees with politically as blankety-blank

Wow, I wonder what Mr. Bozell would say about comments directed at the LGBT community by various fundies and wingnuts? I sincerely doubt we'd hear him questioning the decency or decorum of Peter LaBarbera, Janet Folger or Matt Barber regarding any of their comments toward LGBT individuals. But then again, I'm probably confusing the issue far too much with fact.

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