Friday, June 08, 2007

Pharmacist's Refusing To Do Their Jobs?

A young woman, facing the very real possibility that she might have become pregnant following her previous night's activity, goes to her pharmacy to get the morning after pill. She didn't intend to get pregnant, and doesn't want to have to face the decision about abortion later, so she thinks she's doing the responsible thing, by preventing this possible pregnancy. Little does she know that the pharmacist has his/her own moral objection to the idea of the morning after pill (MAP), and refuses to make it available. Would that outrage you? It outrages me too, but not the Concerned Women for America. Wendy Wright, who seems to be on a roll today, had this to say about proposed legislation which would fine pharmacists who refuse to make the MAP available...

“Pharmacists are professionals, not vending machines. The FDA has
been known to make mistakes in approving drugs, and doctors have made mistakes
in prescribing. Pharmacists provide a line of defense to ensure that patients’
lives and health are protected and can make patients aware of ethical concerns.
Yet this bill would punish pharmacists up to $500,000 for acting on their
ethical duty.”
“This punitive bill would bankrupt pharmacists for doing what
they believe protects people from harm. We need pharmacists with strong
convictions about protecting life and health, but this bill would drive people
with such convictions out of the pharmaceutical profession – which would be
detrimental to all patients.”
“This bill is promoted by ardent abortion
activists yet it would criminalize ‘Freedom of choice’ by forcing people to act
against their beliefs.”

So, would the story be the same if it were the drug Vioxx or any of the other recalled pharmaceuticals? If a pharmacist who had learned of problems with a prescription medication took it upon himself/herself to refuse to fill legitimate prescriptions, we would be hearing the exact opposite from Ms. Wright and her cohorts. There would be a massive uproar over pharmacists deciding that they know better than a patient's physician. Neither scenario should happen, because pharmacists are supposed to fill legitimate prescriptions and provide FDA approved remedies of all types...period. Ms. Wright should think about that before she goes to her pharmacist with a prescription from her doctor.

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