Friday, June 08, 2007

Scarborough Said Something Stupid...Nothing More

Joe Scarborough's stupid remark about Fred Thompson's wife working a "pole" has become the topic of discussion over at CWA. According to Wendy Wright...

“Joe Scarborough’s banter reduces an accomplished and respectable woman to
a ‘bimbo’ and reflects attempts to mainstream porn into every day culture.
Pornography shapes people’s view of women – and not just the women in the
pictures – as objects to be used for sexual pleasure. The proliferation of
pornography and strip clubs does have an effect. It results in men viewing women
as sexual objects instead of capable and intelligent human beings. Mainstream
culture, from TV to clothes, has become saturated not with flirtatious sex, but
crass, debasing, dehumanizing porn that encourages judging women by porn
“Scarborough’s comments reflect and reinforce the normalization
of porn. Scarborough owes Mrs. Thompson an apology.”

Wendy's right...Mr. Scarborough said something really, really stupid, and if I were Fred Thompson, I'd want a private word or two with him for saying what he did. But once again, CWA has taken what was an admittedly asinine thing to say and turned it into something else. In this case, Scarborough's comments are proof positive that the whole of society has become obsessed with porn.

If we were to follow this rather jagged line of logic, the derogatory comments made by actor Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy would be proof positive of society's acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. What? You mean that doesn't make any sense either? I didn't think I remembered CWA taking that stance when members of the homosexual community were defamed, but you can't blame a girl for trying! You might need to go back to the drawing board on this one Wendy, because we're not buying it!

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