Monday, June 04, 2007

Ellen Ratner's GOP Summary

Every once in a while, WingNutDaily allows someone with somewhat different mores to have a spot on their website. Although buried about 3 pages into today's content, Ellen Ratner's "Liberal and Proud" post is dead on in explaining the biggest problem with the GOP and in suggesting who the nominee should be. In a brief, but telling history of the GOP, Ratner says...

"The Republicans' base used to be made up of pretty centrist Americans.
Their core values could be boiled down to three words – less, less, more – less
government, less taxes and more prosperity. The three words today are "no, no,
no." No abortion, no gay rights and no immigrants; or perhaps, no, no, no, mo,
as in more guns or more bombing. The problem is "no, no, no" isn't very
inspiring. Who wants to invest in no, no and no? This is why Republicans are in
a cash-crunch for the first time in recent memory."

Exactly...despite the fear mongering and constant battling against the rights of others (the very thing they are so afraid of facing), it seems the public has managed to see through the GOP smokescreen, leaving "recovering republicans" wondering who to support. Ratner refers to John McCain and Mitt Romney as, "the waffle brothers," and rightly so. These two have switched positions on so many issues that it's getting too difficult to keep up with where, exactly, they stand on any given day. Fred Thompson is described as someone who will force a Perot type situation, bringing Michael Bloomberg in as an independent...which, in my opinion, would be a bad thing should Hilary or Obama (or the still talked about combo ticket) be the Democrat's offering. If McCain and Romney are "the waffle brothers," then Hilary and Obama are the double talking duo. Their positions on issues of gay rights, Iraq, etc. are about as clear as the water in the Hudson River. What is Ratner's suggestion for the Republicans left wondering whom to support?

"Giuliani is the only candidate who has a chance. Republicans are fools if
they don't nominate him."

I think that's excellent advise, honestly. Should Edwards be unable to gain the Democratic nomination, and Hilary or Obama be the nominee, I would imagine that many Democrats may switch sides and vote for Giuliani. Sometimes an election comes down to choosing the lesser of the two evils. I fear that the 2008 election will become just that.

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