Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Same Sex Marriages Oppress Children?

You read that right folks. According to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, two people of the same sex who want to make a commitment to one another through marriage will inevitably oppress any children the couple may produce by not providing them with both a mother and a father...

"Meanwhile, as homosexuals seek to claim marriage as a civil right of any
combination of people, they risk oppressing the youngest among us. One of the
primary civil rights honored by marriage is that of children to have a loving
mother and father. To deny them that benefit is not Loving at all."

Where is the outrage over heterosexual couples who end up leaving children with just one parent? If the crux of this argument is to be based on the denial of civil rights to children according to the parenting situation, then where is the outrage? The answer is that Mr. Perkins is groping for an argument against that which he loathes...plain and simple.

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