Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday's This and That...

Feel free to add to this and give me your thoughts.

* The G-8 summit is beginning today in Germany, and aside from the usual protests, I sincerely hope the Chimperor keeps his hands to himself this time. You'll remember the less than appropriate and impromptu backrub he gave to the German Chancellor at an earlier G-8 meeting...hopefully Chancellor Merkel has brought extra security this time, LOL.

* I suppose I should give CWA some credit for allowing a woman to write this very brief account of the NH Civil Unions Bill, rather than letting Matt Barber hog all the press as usual, lol, but what Heather Hogue wrote was rather weak. Her headline suggests that the NH bill, "targets marriage," but she makes no attempt to show how, exactly, the bill compromises any heterosexual marriages...a problem most fundies have when they try to attack these civil union and same sex marriage laws.

* The American Family Association is all upset about commercials being run by Hardee's and Carl's Jr. Since I don't have either of these restaurants in my area, I had to follow the link (provided by the AFA, by the way) to see what they were referring to as, "sleazy." To the AFA I say...if you don't like it, turn the channel!


canary said...

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The Terminator said...

Thank you for your interest, but I don't send out photos of myself or my work area. Call me overprotective, lol, but that's just my policy. Please feel free to add a link to my blog, though, and keep reading.

The Terminator