Monday, June 04, 2007

LaBabs Whines...Again

Apparently, it's perfectly acceptable for Peter LaBarbera to spout as much hate as he wants, but not so acceptable for anyone to call him on it. Since it's short and ridiculous, lol, I've pasted the entire article below...

"By Peter LaBarbera
It looks like Wayne (”Anything But Straight”) Besen
has been taking his hate pill again. Besen, who is out to
prove, with Stalinesque zeal, that no homosexual can change – has
written another diatribe
against me and Americans For Truth
Just as night follows day, we
could have predicted that Wayne and his fellow “gay” comrades, including
the folks at Box Turtle
(who alternate between high-minded critiques of pro-family research
and mean-spirited name-calling), would ridicule — not the men at
International Mr. Leather who were engaging in vile (”pig sex”) orgies at
Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel; not the “leather”
vendors hawking twisted porn videos including those featuring “fisting” and
“water sports”
– but yours truly, for exposing these
We’ll have more on Wayne and friends later, but for now, check
out his angry blog entry
following our feeble attempt to shine the light of
truth on the sadistic goings-on at IML. Oh, we almost forgot: “Porno Pete” is
Wayne’s nickname for me because, you see, the fact that I expose “gay” extremism
makes me, well …. a secret gay (make that a secret “leatherman”). I suppose
according to that logic, Simon Wiesenthal was a covert Nazi and Mother
Teresa made hidden donations to Planned Parenthood."

Again with the International Mr. Leather convention? And with even more details than last time. Actually, Babs, your nickname "Porno Pete" is not because you expose such's because you seem so utterly fascinated with them. The reference has nothing to do with whether or not you're secretly gay (honestly, we don't care, Babs), and everything to do with your seeming so preoccupied with the bedroom activities of others. Really, Pete...if you're going to rant and rave and go into such detail (something you won't see on sites such as Box Turtle Bulletin, Pam's House Blend, etc) you have to expect some backlash. By the way, pointing out what you've said and posted doesn't automatically equal "hate speech," Pete, but your likening the words of your opponents to that of Stalin shows your own level of hate.

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