Friday, June 01, 2007

LaBarbera Way Too Interested in Mr. Leather

Once again, Babs over at Americans For Truth seems to be completely fascinated by the goings on at the International Mr. Leather convention held in Chicago. In a two-part post, no less, Peter LaBarbera goes to great lengths in denouncing the convention...

"Rather than honoring the spirit of the parade by paying tribute to our
troops, veterans and past generations of American fighting men, the Chicago
Theater’s management opted instead to welcome one of the most purely evil
perversion-fests ever invented by mankind. International Mr. Leather
(IML) serves as an annual excuse for “leathermen” — mostly homosexual men
but some “straight” SM couples — to engage in vile orgies that would make Sodom
blush. For our pictorial story about the sadistic “Mr. Leather” gatherings
this year and last year at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, click HERE (WARNING:
disturbing images)."

Babs goes on to share some of those "disturbing images," but it only made me wonder why the detailed and very obvious fascination over the event? I don't think that anyone was in his bedroom forcing any of these behaviors on him or his wife, nor am I aware of any innocent Chicago citizens being forced to participate in any of the convention's events. I suppose either Babs had too much time on his hands, or he had other *ahem* reasons for dwelling on the subject as much as he did.

**Note...AFT puts these posts on the same page as other, more recent posts, so you may need to scroll down to find the two posts to which I'm specifically referring.

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