Tuesday, June 26, 2007

AFA Responds To Snopes.com

**Warning...this post will be much more sarcastic than usual, LOL!

The American Family Association has posted a response to an article by Snopes.com, a site that debunks urban legends and general stupidity. The subject...hate crimes legislation and how it will virtually end civilization as we know it. The AFA states...

"American Family Association remains steadfast in our claim that if this
bill passes, we are confident that liberal judges will rush to make it a federal
crime to publicly criticize the homosexual lifestyle."

Well, that makes sense, right? After all, the hate crimes legislation that is already in place makes it a federal crime to use a racial slur in public, right? Absolute nonsense! It gets better, though...

"Can’t happen, you say? In Canada, one cannot legally criticize
homosexuality in public. Because of a “hate crimes” law that includes sexual
orientation, even the quoting of Scriptures that condemn homosexuality can be
Because of “hate crimes” legislation in Sweden, a pastor was sentenced to
30 days in jail for preaching a sermon in which he said homosexuality is

Ummm, have the folks at AFA forgotten what country we live in? Beyond that, have they ignored the fact that the government system of Canada is completely different from that here in the US? And since when does Swedish legislation have any bearing on the laws of this country? That argument is tantamount to saying that since Afghan women can be stoned to death for committing adultery, the same could happen here. It's just utter nonsense! AFA continues their whining...

"Snopes.com is reporting that the claims of AFA Action Alert, “as well as
the Action Alert’s bulleted references to court cases, news items, and current
legislation, are gross and misleading distortions of information.”

Well, I think we've established that their little "action alert" is, in fact, grossly misleading. Keep bloviating, AFA...the rest of us with functioning brains will continue to point out your flawed arguments (and I use the term "arguments" very loosely) and will shine an enormous spotlight on your twisted facts.

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