Thursday, January 21, 2010

Concerned Women of America Focus on Planned Parenthood

I'm always amused when the Concerned Women of America rant and rave...especially since many of their article writers and members are actually men! This most recent event caught my attention because it concerned my community and occurred amidst the celebration of MLK day and the sorrow of the tragedy in Haiti.

Here's the story...A new Planned Parenthood building is being constructed in Houston. It is the second largest of its kind, and is located near downtown. Crowds gathered to protest, trying to show racial unity by chanting, "Black, brown and white...we are pro-life!"

The Terminator's take? Get a grip!! Had the very concerned women done their research, they would know that Planned Parenthood doesn't necessarily equal abortion. The organization offers several services to help women in need. That said, I think the concerned women could have chosen to rally support for the Haitians who are still greatly in need of our support. The fact that they chose to ignore the thousands upon thousands of dead and injured in Haiti to protest an organization that supports life tells me that their priortities are completely upside-down. Another point of interest is that they attempted to use MLK's day to put forth an image of unity when it's obvious that they seem to discriminate against any woman who seeks help from Planned Parenthood. Honestly, either you are tolerant and accepting, or you're's just that simple.

Concerned Women of America...shame on you for misusing Martin Luther King Jr.'s name and ignoring the greater tragedy in Haiti!