Friday, January 29, 2010

"Watchdog" Shows She's Out of Touch

I've said it before...I love it when the fundies make my job easy!  This little gem is a perfect example.  Allow me to introduce Elaine Donnelly, president of The Center for Military Readiness and self-appointed political watchdog.  Here's a snippet of her remarks regarding Obama being "out of touch" when it comes to DADT...

"First of all, there is no big push for gays in the military. For him to say 'finally repeal this law on gays in the military,' he's really out of touch," she notes. "Secondly, he seems to be looking at this issue as if it has to do with civil rights. The law clearly states that there is no constitutional right to be in the armed forces."
Where to begin...let's start with Ms. Donnelly's (wait...let's call her Dingbat Donnelly) initial statement.  Does Dingbat Donnelly read any newspapers or watch any news programs?  Since 1993, HRC and other equal rights organizations have been screaming about this piece of junk legislation.  It seems to me that the Dingbat is the one who is out of touch!

The Dingbat also seems confused about the difference between civil rights and constitutional issues surrounding the right to serve in the military.  She is correct (Oh, how it pains me to say so), that there is no constitutional right for any American regarding service in the military.  Obviously, certain physical requirements are in place, and not every citizen who wants to serve will be able to do so.  However, being homosexual does not make a person unable to serve.  This is very, very similar to the state of our armed services prior to integration.  African Americans were not allowed to serve simply because of their skin color.  Following the same logic, homosexuals who are capable of meeting the physical and mental requirements for serving in the military should be granted that opportunity.

The Terminator's take...Dingbats, wing-nuts and fundies don't like to engage in talk of logic, so of course my logical argument will be readily dismissed.  If they can't understand it, they can't fight their response is to make sure you're afraid of it.  Don't fall for it, folks!