Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LaBabera Overly Interested in "Aberrant" Sex

Our old friend Peter LaBarbera ("Babs") is on a rampage once again, referring to HRC and equal rights advocates as "aberrant-sex activists." Further, he cites the HRC's material as proof that anyone who disagrees with him is involved in some widespread conspiracy to corrupt biblical principles.

*Take a second to look at what the HRC developed, and notice the many references to remaining calm when faced with opposition.

First, when I consider the heterosexual couples I know, I don't automatically focus on their sexual behavior. Honestly folks, who does that? Unless it's brought up in a private conversation, who really knows what goes on in the bedrooms of heterosexual couples? That being said, why is it that Babs automatically links the phrase, "aberrant-sex" with anyone who is homosexual? It seems to me that Babs is far too interested in the deeply personal sex lives of other individuals.

I could go on for quite a while about this subject, but I'll sum it up in this brief statement: We don't care what anyone else does in their bedrooms or who they do it with! Equal rights means just that...all people should have the EQUAL opportunity to love who they love and provide for them using the same benefits and protections in place for heterosexual, married couples.

Second, take a look at the mention of the organization's "pray-in" as a show of civil disobedience in protest of the newly signed hate crimes legislation.

"On October 28, President Barack Obama signed into law a measure extending the
federal hate crimes statute to include so-called sexual orientation. The
ministers believe this will criminalize all criticism of homosexual behavior,
including that contained in the Bible.
To test this belief and protest a
clear violation of First Amendment freedom of speech and religion, various
clergy will preach short sermons and read passages from the Bible regarding
homosexual behavior. Like Dr. Martin Luther King and the Sixties Civil Rights
movement, they will engage in civil disobedience to protest injustice."

Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement? Are they serious? African Americans were not equal members of society before the work, and, might I mention, the blood spilled by the brave activists who took a stand and fought. How dare you, Mr. LaBarbera, put yourself in the same category as those who fought, suffered humiliation and died for the equal rights enjoyed by white Americans. Having a philosophical difference with others is NOT the same thing as being oppressed by a society as a whole. If anything, the work of the HRC is closer to that of the civil rights movement, because committed homosexual couples aren't allowed to provide for their families or even call themselves "married" because Babs and those like him feel threatened.

Shame on you, Babs.