Saturday, January 30, 2010

Orrin Hatch to Include BCS as Federal Issue

Let's care, the economy, Haiti and the Bowl Championship Series?  Would you consider the BCS as a major issue facing the nation and in need of federal intervention?  Apparently, that's what Orrin Hatch (R) from Utah wants.  That's right, folks...a Republican is asking for the Justice department to investigate anti-trust allegations related to the way in which the college football postseason is played.

The Terminator's take...aren't Republicans supposed to be against "big government" or unnecessary government influence on privatized matters?  I suppose the fact that Utah (Hatch's home state) went undefeated last year and wasn't given a chance to play for the championship had nothing to with his decision to ask Obama to intervene. 

*insert sarcastic sigh here*

Two thoughts...First, Republicans need to own up to their various special interests and earmarks.  If this isn't proof positive that some in Congress have their priorities a little screwed up, then I don't know what is.  Second, while I agree the BCS has its flaws I don't think it warrants the help of the President or the Justice department.  Let the collegiate system fix itself, at the behest of the millions of fans and players who will continue to scream until it does get fixed!