Friday, January 29, 2010

State of the Union...Part 3

As you might have expected, our friend Peter LaBarbera has latched on to the idea of repealing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy in the military.  Babs and his group of homophobic fundies have begun their campaign to make all homesexuals look like sex-crazed rapists. 

Because there was a batch of gay porn involving members of the military, all homosexuals are, of course, immoral beings who are unworthy of life and its liberties.  Funny thing is, there is also a problem with straight porn in the military.  I suppose that since men and women bunk separately, none of them are in any way influenced by or act upon the porn they may run across...right?  Right, that I'll believe, LOL.

The Terminator's take...DADT was and is a ridiculous piece of legislation.  If members of the miliatry don't have to "see" their gay commrades, then I suppose they don't exist.  It reminds me of my cat...the one who will hide under the bed, leaving her rear end out for all to see.  She figures if she can't see me...I can't see her.  The same priciple applies here.

Babs is running one of his usual scare campaigns, trying to make all of us believe that homosexuals are evil and will corrupt anything they are able to participate in.  Well, Babs...believe it or not, there are already gays in the military and despite that fact, the entire military structure hasn't collapsed!  Imagine that!!