Saturday, January 30, 2010

Was Iraq Really About Oil?

To start, let me be clear in saying that I support our troops and the work they do on behalf of our country.  However, I don't always support the cause they are sent to fight.  Specifically, I believe that our troops were sent into Iraq for two reasons.  First, I believe that Bush wanted Saddam's head, and second...there IS an abundance of oil available in Iraq. 

Ironically, I'm getting information on the latter from my favorite wingnut site, World Net Daily.  Take a look at this quote...

"Within the next few years, Iraq is positioned to rival Saudi Arabia by bringing its oil production to 11 million barrels a day,"

"Scientists for the U.S. Geological Survey have also suggested Venezuela's oil reserves may double the reserves in Saudi Arabia."

As you can see, the same article discusses Venezuela as another major oil source, prompting me to wonder if Chavez will soon be accused of harboring terrorists or developing WMDs.  After all, isn't that the argument used by the Bush administration to plunge our troops into a war that has lasted for almost 7 years and killed more Americans than the attacks on 9/11?  

The Terminator's take...I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but this information really raises my eyebrows.  While I agree that Saddam was a blight on humanity, I wonder if his capture and execution was simply a means to an end, having little or nothing to do with the actual terrorist threat on our country.  Just one Terminator's opinion.