Friday, January 29, 2010

State of the Union Aftermath...Part 1

Obama's speech last night has ignited a whirlwind of discussion on the blogosphere, and the fundies are having a field day. Since there are a few key issues that Obama highlighted that seem to be sparking the biggest firestorms, I've decided to break them up over the course of a few posts.

For today's post, I'll focus on the expected, but still interesting shift in focus for the administration. Up until the election of Scott Brown to Kennedy's senate seat (causing the loss of the so-called "super majority"), the focus of the political rhetoric was health care. We've all seen how that blew up in Obama's face, especially on the issue of transparency. Last night, it was as if Obama was trying to make us believe that the economy (namely creating jobs and reducing taxes) had been the focus all along and that he just couldn't understand why no one would cooperate with him.

The Terminator's take...the famous campaign phrase, "It's the economy, stupid," won't work twice, especially when anyone who's paid attention knows that the legislative focus has been health care. Smoke and mirrors won't work, Mr. Obama. You haven't tricked me, and you haven't tricked the rest of America.

Sorry, all those Obama fans out there...I'm not knocking him completely, I just don't like misdirection period, regardless of who it comes from.

Next topic...Obama vs. the Supremes and Alito's "that's not true" comment.