Friday, January 29, 2010

Tea Party...The Next Republican Revolution?

Remember the mid-term election of 1994?  Bill Clinton was stunned when Newt Gingrinch and company moved into Washington after a huge sweep of Republican victories.  Since Scott Brown's victory in Massachusettes, some think the "Tea Party" is now poised to pull off another massive takeover in November.

Yes, those lovable little wing-nuts over at World News Daily are talking about a huge upset in the making.  With the intriguing addition of Sarah Palin to their list of Tea Party headliners, are starting to be more and more convinced that the next Republican Revolution is in their sight.

The Terminator's take...Obama made a good point that probably went in one Republican ear and out the other.  He mentioned that there was no leadership in just saying, "No," for the sake of disagreeing.  If the Tea Party does manage to pull off an upset in November, I think there will be a stalemate.  When that happens, no one wins.