Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, Babs...We Sincerely Hope The Same Doesn't Happen To You

While in the midst of ranting and raving against all things evil (aka homosexuals), Peter LaBarbera has made an outrageous comment about equal rights. The funny thing is, he probably doesn't realize that the same thing could happen to him and other fundies. Citing an article by an openly gay columnist for the Detroit News, Babs points to the author's justifiable concern over recent Supreme Court decisions and the impact they may have in the future...

"The Roberts court — whose votes in nongay cases strongly signaled that Chief Justice
John Roberts and Samuel Alito can be expected to join Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas
in opposing almost any imaginable gay-rights plea — is moving frighteningly
close to having the five votes it would need to weaken the groundbreaking
rulings of 1996 and 2003 acknowledging that gay Americans are protected by the

“This term confirmed a lot of our fears,” says Jon Davidson, legal
director at Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.

What alarmed gay rights litigators? A string of 5-4 decisions against
the powerless or minorities: Rulings blocking workers from suing over sex
discrimination if it’s not discovered immediately; ignoring public school
students’ free-speech rights, and hampering efforts to create racially diverse

The author, Deb Price, makes a very good point...there seems to be a pattern emerging where cases of social, sexual or racial discrimination are concerned. Here's where Babs completely misses the point of how this very same pattern could turn around and bite him...

"We hope that openly lesbian Detroit News Columnist Deb Price is
correct and that her homosexual activist comrades have much to fear in
the direction of the Supreme Court. However, it is frightening to think that so
much is riding on decisions of swing Justice Anthony Kennedy — who in his
opinions (e.g., Lawrence v. Texas) has often seemed more interested in
pleasing the editorial writers at the New York Times than being faithful to
the Constitution.– Peter LaBarbera"

Has it ever occurred to you, Pete, that one day the court may rule to infringe on your right to blather away with your hate-filled speech? Or, did it occur to you that Christians in general (whom the homosexual community has not tried to stifle or persecute) might be the victims of unjust Supreme Court decisions? You see us as the enemy...the root of all evil...and we get it. But be careful what you wish for, may be next.

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