Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday's This And That

Just a few items to start off your week...some funny ones and some, well, you'll see, LOL!

** The next season of Fox's hit show (and one of my personal favorites) '24' will feature a female president played by openly lesbian actress Cherry Jones, according to the Baltimore Sun. It's unclear as to whether her character will be lesbian as well, but I suppose we can hope!

** This is a story I just have to shake my head and wonder, "What were they thinking." Macy's ran into a little bit of trouble over one of their marketing ploys attempting to lure in more Hispanic shoppers. They introduced a t-shirt bearing the phrase, "Brown is the new white." Needless to say, Macy's has since pulled the shirt from its stores and has started the apology campaign.

** The American Family Association as issued one of its 'Action Alerts' regarding the hate crimes legislation, again suggesting that homosexuals don't deserve the sort of protections outlined in the bill. I wonder if Ted Kennedy and the other sponsors of the bill added Evangelicals (aka, Fundies) to the bill, if they'd still be making such a ridiculous uproar about it. Who knows, lol...they may just feel to 'dirty' to even comment!

** Matt Barber and all the other fundies with inoperable television remote controls should be breathing a little easier today, as the bill that would curb foul language during prime time managed to get the approval of a Senate panel. When a bill that suggests censoring religious programming is presented, I hope these fundies embrace it as much as they have this bill. After all, you just can't have it both ways.

** Those nutcases over at Westboro Baptist have proclaimed that God hates Ireland now too. This is just another of many proclamations (including the more well known, God hates America pronouncement), and will probably not be the last. If you want to see their latest press release, you can Google them...I refuse to give them a link. (h/t to Jeremy at Good As You)

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