Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday's This And That

I've got a few short stories for you...consider this an open thread and comment away!

** It looks like McCain's (aka, 'The Tool') campaign may be quickly falling apart. Following the departures of key campaign members last week, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that his entire media team has resigned. I'll refrain from doing my "happy dance" because I don't want to scare anyone, lol, but it's hard for me to hide my delight with this news.

** I apologize in advance for this post because I swore I wouldn't blog about this...BUT, lol, you've no doubt heard about Lindsay Lohan's latest arrest involving a car chase while under the influence and in the possession of cocaine. It seems she decided to send an email to Access Hollywood (according to, in which she states...

"I am innocent. I did not do drugs, they're not mine ... I appreciate everyone
giving me my privacy."Lohan also wrote that she "was almost hit by my assistant
Tarin's mom." She apparently refers to a car chase involving Lohan and her
personal assistant's mother, which ended just prior to the arrest in the parking
lot of Santa Monica's Civic Auditorium."

Anyone buying that? I know I'm not, but what really upsets me about this story is her father who went about booking approximately 7 different talk show appearances following his daughter's most recent arrest. What's despicable about his actions is that he appears to be capitalizing on his daughter's downward spiral to destruction by getting his face on as many television shows as possible. It's possible I'm overreacting, but he and Lindsay's mother are ultimately responsible for all this turmoil by allowing her to enter the Hollywood stage at such a young age. It reminds me of the very young Drew Barrymore and the struggles she endured...and overcame. Unfortunately, Lindsay may not have the same success due to the selfish ambitions of her greedy and self-consumed parents.

** Peter LaBarbera has yet another rant up today about the HRC/LOGO Democratic debate. I won't go into great detail about what he has to say out of courtesy to those who might be trying to eat while they read this, lol, but there is one statement that stood out to me...

"Who represents the tens of millions of Americans who morally object to
homosexuality, and who stand to lose their religilous (sic) and First
Amendment freedoms if HRC’s agenda is enacted? (I hereby volunteer my services
as a conservative questioner if the organizers care to make a pretense of
journalistic objectivity.)"

The free speech fallacy aside, what makes Pete think he is some beacon of journalistic objectivity? Other than his unadulterated hatred for the homosexual community and the various articles he's written to that effect, where are his journalistic credentials that would bring this so-called objectivity? Obviously, HRC president Joe Solmonese and musician Melissa Etheridge probably don't have any credentials themselves, but that's not really the point. If Pete can blather away on his site, why can't the homosexual community hold a debate without its integrity coming into question? Just my opinion on the matter.

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