Monday, July 09, 2007

Tuesday's This And That

So much little time, LOL!

**Damn!! I can't have sex in a public toilet in Fort Lauderdale...or have any privacy either, apparently. That just ruins all my vacation plans, LOL! In response to the city's apparent problem with homosexual activity, Fort Lauderdale's mayor is planning to install "robotic toilets." WingNutDaily has an article up on their site, describing how these new toilets will automatically open after a certain period of time. I wonder what impact having the toilet door open while I was in the middle of...ummm...feminine hygeine would have on the city's "family-friendly environment?"

**In another WND article, an alert of sorts was issued about Christians being arrested for praying. Of course, once you read the article, you find out that the ones arrested were lying on the sidewalks and disrupting pedestrian traffic during a gay pride event. You know what? It's entirely possible for a person to pray without making a spectacle of themselves or obstructing a public event.

**In yet another WingNut article, there's a report of Christians being prevented from distributing materials at a Fourth of July event. First, there is the issue of the separation of church and state...but beyond that, why couldn't this pastor hand out his tracts as people left the event rather than insisting on circulating them while people were enjoying the festivities? You can't break the rules then cry about being the victim of censorship...especially when other options were available.

**"Claymates" beware...don't annoy the American Idol star! According to a Yahoo/AP News report, Clay Aiken was involved in an altercation aboard a Continental Airlines flight. He allegedly rested his foot near a female passenger who then shoved him. The FBI was involved and it seems Aiken may be put on a watch list because of the altercation. Poor guy...he'd just joked about being beaten up by a girl during a show before the flight.

**My favorite of all, though, is this little story from the New York Post. You're probably following the link and wondering why I find the story so amusing. So, the FDA has approved a
transdermal dementia treatment...wonderful idea, but could we send a case to the White House? Then we should send another case to the Cheney residence...especially if he's planning any hunting trips this fall.

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