Monday, July 09, 2007

Matt Barber Slaps Homosexuals In The Face

First of all, Matt needs to look up the word hyperbole before he tries to use it again. It's obvious in his article that he doesn't know the meaning of the word...

"Through the hyperbolic and repetitive use of such concocted expressions as
“marriage equality” and “gay rights,” the left has dishonestly but effectively
framed the debate over homosexual behaviors."

Call me petty if you like, but the term, "hyperbolic," refers to things which are exaggerated, oh, and my Greek readers will love the fact that the origin of the word in question is Greek. How, exactly, are the ideals of marriage equality and gay rights (again, I love how these phrases have to be put in quotes, lol) hyperbolic? Matt goes on...

"By co-opting and misapplying the language of the genuine civil rights
movement, homosexual activists — along with kindred leftists in the media,
government and elsewhere — are making considerable strides toward reshaping our
culture. They’ve enjoyed much success in attaining official government
recognition of a disordered and empty, though demonstrably
, sexual lifestyle."

Let's just break down that little paragraph, shall we? First, gay rights and civil rights are similar in many ways. The civil rights movement demanded equality for all people regardless of their skin color. The gay rights activists are asking for nothing different. Second, was the civil rights movement responsible for reshaping our culture? Absolutely taught us to respect the differences of others. Lastly, the, "demonstrably mutable," lifestyle (and it's not a lifestyle at's a biological definitive) has been backed up and affirmed by the American Psychological Association. That, in itself, begs the question of how the concept of gay rights could be mutable at all. Perhaps that's another word Mr. Barber needs to look up.

Here's where Matt is really going with this flawed argument...

"While recently addressing the rapidly downward spiral in homosexual
“marriages” in Massachusetts and elsewhere, Tammy Mosher, Massachusetts State
Director of Concerned Women for America, observed, “The thrill of their
‘victory’ is gone. It’s not about their ‘right’ to marry and it never has been.
It's about condoning their lifestyle and removing the sacredness of traditional

"And Mrs. Mosher is absolutely right. As the numbers on this whacky “gay
marriage” social experiment continue to plummet, it’s becoming obvious that
homosexual activists don’t care one iota about “marriage.” Their true agenda is
not really “marriage equality” and the right to enter into monogamous
“marriages,” but rather, their intention is to water down traditional marriage
so that the institution — which is so very important to healthy child rearing
and a healthy society — no longer has a unique and respected place in society.
Everything that marriage stands for (i.e., monogamy, fidelity, the nuclear
family and those “oppressive” gender stereotypes associated with the need for a
“mom” and a “dad”) must be done away with in order to foster acceptance of sin.

But it goes far beyond simply undermining marriage. In order to
legitimize disordered sexual behaviors, which have traditionally been considered
immoral and are scientifically and objectively proven to be destructive, it’s
necessary to dissolve the notion that traditional marriage and the nuclear
family are normative and represent the gold standard. According to some, that’s
a sexually repressive Judeo-Christian concept, you see. And in order for secular
humanism to properly take root, we need a society which embraces the idea that
all forms of sexual behavior — no matter how perverse or destructive — are
equally valid."

So, the statistics from one state are completely indicative of the rest of the country, and "secular humanism" means anything that doesn't fit into the fundamentalist view of what our society should resemble. Bottom line...homosexuals simply want the privilege to marry and enjoy the benefits of marriage just as heterosexual couples do. The fundies can blather away all they want, but the truth will not be buried beneath a bunch of Biblical talk.

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