Monday, July 16, 2007

Matt Barber Links All Homosexuals Through The Actions Of Two

I suppose that the only way Matt Barber and his fundie friends can substantiate their claims that homosexuals have an evil agenda is to point to ridiculous actions and isolated incidents and say, "See...we told you so!" In this recent rant (available through audio only, unfortunately), Barber cites the case of a New Jersey lesbian couple who sued a church for not allowing them to conduct their union ceremony on their property.

"In New Jersey, a Lesbian couple is suing a Methodist-run church retreat
because it would not allow the couple to rent the property’s pavilion for their
civil union ceremony. Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues, says
this points to the true aims of homosexual activists and what Bible-believing
Christians have in store for them if those aims come to pass."

I tried to find some other source for this story, but the only one I found was here at CNS News...

"( - A lesbian couple in New Jersey has filed a complaint
against a Methodist-owned campground, claiming illegal discrimination because
their request for a civil union ceremony on the property was denied.Harriet
Bernstein and Luisa Paster in March applied for use of the Ocean Grove Camp
Meeting Association's Boardwalk Pavilion for their civil union ceremony, planned
for September. The Methodist organization rejected their application and later
told Bernstein in an email that it did not allow civil unions to be held on the

Okay, for the record, private property is just that...private. The Methodist Church is under no obligation, in my opinion, to oblige this couple, and the entire concept of the suit is utterly absurd. Surely other venues were available, and it seems to me that the couple may have tried to insist on this particular one for reasons other than its scenic beauty. I would venture to guess that the two were trying to make a point...a lame one at that...and, consequently, provided an opportunity for the fundies to pounce and make all homosexuals look as ridiculous and vindictive as these two were made to look.

Anyone who's been paying attention to the fundie press knows that this idea that all homosexuals are exactly alike and behave in the same manner has been used to demonize the entire gay rights movement. While Barber and his friends are incorrect in that assumption, members of the homosexual community should know better than to take such actions which jeopardize the true and legitimate causes we are really about.

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